About STEM Cities

Driving SySTEMic Change

Theory of Change

STEMCities is a Community of Practice Platform That Fosters SySTEMic Change


Foster a vibrant American workforce that competes and thrives globally.

STEMCities empowers STEM ecosystem pipelines to support student and stakeholder success through STEM.


STEM Cities empowers STEM community of practice groups to collaboratively evolve STEM ecosystems through a Cloud-based Visioning / CRM / LMS digital platform that empowers unified visioning, successful implement and continuous evolution of STEM pipelines.


  • Expose everyone to STEM.
  • Provide equal access including high-need, under-served & at-risk individuals. 
  • Empower collaboration, creativity and evolution.



  • Political Leaders
  • Government Agencies
  • School Superintendents
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Parent & Youth Organizations
  • Business Associations


  • School Districts & Administrators
  • Institutions of Higher Learning
  • Out-of-School Time (OST) Programs
  • Museums & Learning Centers
  • STEM Program Vendors
  • Philanthropic Supporters


  • Colleges & Vocational Learning
  • Vocational Certification Providers
  • Employers & Industry Associations
  • Workforce Development Agencies
  • Economic Development Agencies



  • Digital Theory of Change
  • Digital Logic Modeling
  • Digital Funding Model
  • Best-Practices & Resources Logging
  • Access to & Distribution of Vision
  • Best-Practices & Resources Logging


  • STEM Program Resource Mapping
  • STEM Program Distribution
  • Teacher & Mentor Training
  • LMS Curriculum Integration
  • LMS Outcome Data Uptake


  • Collaborative Planning
  • Opportunity Pathways Mapping
  • Career-Day & Job Shadow Programs
  • Internship & Apprentice Programs
  • Higher Ed Counseling & Recruitment
  • Job Recruitment Programs



  • Theory of Change, Logic Model
  • Funding Model, Gap Analysis
  • Stakeholder Directory & Org Chart
  • Stakeholder Task Calendar
  • Insight Reports


  • STEM Resource Directory
  • Integrated STEM & CS Curriculum
  • 21st Century Life Skill Assessments
  • Student Portfolios
  • Trained Teachers & Mentors
  • Stakeholder Task Calendar
  • Insight Reports


  • Internships & Mentor Programs
  • Vocational Certifications
  • College Applications (2 & 4 year)
  • Stakeholder Task Calendar
  • Insight Reports



Short-Term: STEMCities Alpha launch. 10 SCC Community Members with ToC, Logic Models, Funding/Gap Analysis, Stakeholder Directory & Task Calendar complete. Focus Testing complete.

Mid-Term: STEMCities Beta launch. 40 additional SCC Members. 

Long-term: 50 additional SCC Members.


Short-term: Integrate 50 STEM &/or CS courses. 25,000 students provided access to STEMCities Curriculum. 1,000 adult Stakeholders receive 2 hours training on STEMCities. 25% of students participate in a STEM/CS, PBL and multi-member team participation course. 5% of students interested in STEM &/or CS career.

Mid-term: 50% of students participate in a STEM/CS, PBL and multi-member team participation course. 15% of students interested in STEM &/or CS career.

Long-term: 100% of students participate in a STEM/CS, PBL and multi-member team participation course. 25% of students interested in STEM &/or CS career. 100% of students receive adult mentorship.


Short-term: All students receive digital personal portfolios and 21st Century Life Skills Assessments. 25% of students receive job shadowing & career experiences. 

Mid-term: 50% of students receive job shadowing, internships & career experiences. 

Long-Term Outcomes: 100% of students receive internships, career experiences and higher learning application. 


Software Development Capacity & STEM Program Experience


States, Cities, Counties, School Districts, Schools & Organizations

Mashup Software Development

STEMCities™ Digital Platform employs a rapid-development production strategy that leverages existing SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), ML (machine learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) components from software packages currently published by STEMCities Development Partners:


SoSuite CRM Software

STEMCities stakeholder management features leverages CRM functionality from SoSuite:

    • Contact Management
    • Task Management
    • Notifications & Messaging
    • Donor Mining
    • Budgeting
    • Impact Tracking

SoSuite is a CRM for nonprofits published by SaaS Ventures and available by grant through Bizgenics Foundation.


BizzyB LMS Software

STEMCities uses Learning Management System modules from BizzyB:

    • Curriculum & Contest Library
    • Leadership & Team-Building
    • Mentoring, Surveys & Testing
    • 21st C Life Skill Assessments
    • Student Portfolios
    • 3P Impact Tracking
    • Curriculum Authoring

BizzyB is an LMS for students published by Bizgenics Foundation.


HaccUp SaaS Microservices Development Accelerator

STEMCities is a cohort project at HaccUp™ Accelerator. HaccUp supports cohort members with:

    • Concept Development
    • Design Specs, UI/UX
    • SaaS Microservices Modules
    • ML / AI Development
    • Global Developer Base
    • QA Testing
    • Hosting & App Maintenance

HaccUp is operated by Bizgenics Foundation and features SaaS Ventures’ SAAS Microservices.

Development Partners

Bizgenics Foundation Logo

Bizgenics Foundation is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization that offers both traditional print and digital LMS STEM curriculum. See Bizgenics »

SaaS Ventures Logo

SaaS Ventures, LLC is software development company that provides the proprietary SaaS™ Microservices Platform to Bizgenics Foundation. See SaaS Ventures »

TechTrep Logo

TechTrep is curriculum company that publishes an LMS platform. TechTrep provides member recruitment and resource identification for STEMCities. See TechTrep »

SoSuite Logo

SoSuite, is a CRM platform that includes both for-profit and non-profit modules. See SoSuite »

BizzyB logo

BizzyB, is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platform published by Bizgenics. See BizzyB »

HaccUp Logo

STEMCities is a member of HaccUp, Bizgenics’ app accelerator that features SaaS™ Microservices Technology. See HaccUp »

CiSTEMic Logo

CiSTEMic is a professional development and training service for educators.